Dear Members


3rd October 2023. The ZIPS 2023 Elections Provisional Voters Register is now hereby published for members to review and verify the following details:


  1. Correct spelling of name(s) or missing name(s)
  2. Correct order of names i.e. surname, first name and middle name (where applicable)
  3. Correct ZIPS Member Number or missing ZIPS Member Number
  4. Correct Membership Category or Missing membership category
  5. Name only appearing once
  6. Any other anomalies not mentioned above


The register is on the website: or CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD The register is sorted first by membership category, then by surname, followed by first name and finally middle name.


To find your name you can ether scroll through the ordered list or if you are using a PC or laptop press CTRL and F keys on the keypad simultaneously to open a search box and enter the search information.


In case of any anomaly or incorrect information please email and indicate what details needs to be corrected. ONLY emailed submissions for corrections will be accepted.


Closing date for verification is 28 October 2023


An updated register will be published every Monday and members are required to check that  any corrections submitted have been effected.


It is important that your details are correct as incorrect details affects your ability to vote.


In case of any questions or clarifications you can either communicate via ZIPS dedicated elections WhatsApp or Telegram platforms or email


Original issued by

Elections Committee


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