Why Join ZIPS?


Why should you join the Institute of ZIPS?

Membership of the Institute is for everyone who has an interest in the Purchasing and Supply industry and its future. The Institute actively promotes Purchasing and Supply to external audiences, increasing awareness of the importance of Procurement and Supply in government, education and industry. Our Members come from diverse backgrounds and follow all kinds of different careers; many are directly involved in Procurement and Supply but as many are using their Purchasing and Supply training in a wide range of businesses.

Services to members include:


  • Newsletter
    Receive our informative Newsletter each month. The newsletter archive is also available and dates back to 2009.
  • The latest news, views and information for the local Purchasing and Supply community


  • Careers
    Careers information and resources for Purchasing and Supply graduates and others at all career stages.
  • Employment opportunities through Job Listings exclusive to paid up members only.
  • Members Blog
    The members' blog is available to all members 24/7 where members exchange information regarding jobs, latest practices in industry etc.


  • Registered status
    Gain professional registration as a registered Procurement and Supply Professional.
  • Professional development
    Professional development and training
  • Professional status
    Post-nominal title in recognition of your professional status as MZIPS, AMZIPS, PMZIPS, or FZIPS


  • Access to the members only areas
    Join the ever expanding ZIPS LinkedIn group for members
  • @zipzambia.org email address
    ZIPSMail provides a forwarding email service (whilst membership is active)
  • Events for National Secretariat and Branches
    Local events for members and the wider community
  • Conferences
    As a member receive discounts to a wide range of conferences and meetings available.
  • Being kept up to date on fellow member movements, transfer and any other announcements.

For further information on any of the services listed above, please contact us.



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About Us

The Zambia Institute of Purchasing and Supply was established by an Act of Parliament No.15 of 2003 on 20th September, 2003. This Act is now, referred to, as the Government of the Republic of Zambia principal national policy on Procurement and Supply Management. The Zambia Institute of Purchasing and Supply is now a Regulatory body on Purchasing and Supply Management Profession in Zambia.See details


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