Membership Categories and Fees

To be a member you need to possess qualifications recognized by ZIPS. There are six membership categories:

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     1.      Student

     2.     Associate

     3.     Affiliate 

     4.     Member 

     5.     Honorary Fellow 

     6.     Fellow  




a)      Provides free Consultancy Services


b)      Plays the role of a Labour Office


c)       It's a referral Centre for employers in the private and public sectors.


d)      It acts as an adviser to all agencies in matters of Purchasing and Supply Management.


e)      Runs Quarterly ZIPS Newsletter


f)       Intervenes on matters of a professional nature on behalf of members


g)      Assists in resolving issues related to our members with CIPS United Kingdom.


h)      Provides Free Secretarial Services.


i)       Offers tips to individuals on any level of the CIPS Courses


j)       Runs a website  




1.     Fellow        K 2,850=00 Per annum


2.     Member    K 1,235=00 Per annum         


3.     Affiliate      K 855=00 Per annum


4.     Student      K 200 = 00 Per annum


5.     Associates

                             a. Individuals -K10,000=00 per annum,


                             b. Corporate - K10,000=00 Per annum 


              6.     Honorary Fellow - N/A


 You can apply Online or you can download and complete the application form.






(I)       The deadline for the payment of membership renewal is on the 14th of January of each year.


(II)      Renewals after the 14th of January, will attract a penalty.


(III)     You will be charged in full for each year you fail to pay subscription.


(IV)     NEW Registration can be done at any time in full payment for the year.



All members, persons and employers are reminded that ZIPS Compliance

Inspectors are mandated to visit all organisations in the country to ensure compliance.


ยท         Payments should be made by cheque or bank transfer to:


Account Name: The Zambia Institute of Purchasing and Supply

Account No. 9130000168312

Bank: Stanbic Bank,

Branch: Main Branch

Account Name: The Zambia Institute of Purchasing and Supply

Account No. 5574921500126


Branch: Manda Hill

Electronic Payment

Bank                             :           ZANACO

Branch                         :           Manda Hill,

Account Name          :           Zambia Institute of Purchasing and Supply 

Account No.               :           557492150012


Please indicate full name on deposit slip email:  After verifications with the bank an official receipt shall be emailed to you.



Payment by Cheque

Please write the cheque to Zambia Institute of Purchasing and Supply and attach to it your application form


Payment by Cash

You can pay cash at the Secretariat. Ensure that a receipt is issued immediately 









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The Zambia Institute of Purchasing and Supply was established by an Act of Parliament No.15 of 2003 on 20th September, 2003. This Act is now, referred to, as the Government of the Republic of Zambia principal national policy on Procurement and Supply Management. The Zambia Institute of Purchasing and Supply is now a Regulatory body on Purchasing and Supply Management Profession in Zambia.See details


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